Advertisers requirement has changed over time, but the technology that buckets users for dynamic ads and targeting has not evolved with the current marketing environment and requirement in mind. In this hyper competitive space advertisers want to deploy custom solution that helps them to communicate and target users in a ROI efficient environment. Our pixel product does exactly what the advertiser strategizes. Based on the advertisers custom requirement we publish the pixel to do 1to1 advertising, complex if, else, <, >, conditions.


Ad Servers have come a long way since the 1st hit the market back in 2005. One of the major opportunity we saw in the ad serving domain was, the ability to maneuver the ad technology in real time to accommodate client requirement. Most popular ad servers have tech stacks pretty much hard coded, which would take months and years to deploy custom features based on advertisers media strategies. In the same process advertisers would have to commit dollars to get a custom feature developed. We have built our adserver keeping in mind this biggest flaw and opportunity at the same time. Over the last 3 years we have deployed custom solutions that have specific use cases and as a result advertisers have achieved better performance, lower spends commitment.


The use of ML and AI has become fairly common in developing user recommendation jobs. While ML helps develop a robust and scalable recommendation engine, from our experience the incremental performance and customer experience is achieved when business uses are considered to develop the recommendations. Our product is maneuverable to develop recommendations based on business use cases. Historically we have observed clients have achieved 30% better ROI after deploying our product.


The growth of ad revenue for Google and Facebook is seen as a big threat to publisher community. Traditionally, the core strength of publishers has been to curate content. The current stack which comprises of DMPs, DSPs, AdExchanges impact the revenue publishers are earning, but they are looking for ways to increase their income from the same inventory. We have built Publisherplex taking into account current publisher requirement and objective to earn more revenue. Our aim behind building Publisherplex is to contribute to at least 25-30% of additional publisher revenue.
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