Brands use this to create & show data based relevant ads to users in real time & improve marketing ROI.
Integrated with multiple DSPs to Collect Terabytes of Ad Serving Data to serve real time personalised ads which increase CTRs by 5X!
With an emphasis on engineering skills and customer service, we aim to build long-term business relationships.




Generate User product feed based on his online and offline activity & business requirements which results in High retention and better ROIs.
Our cookies are like traditional shopkeepers. They study every digital expression of user online to create her unique profile and accordingly suggest the best product, ad communication or offers to her.service, we aim to build long-term business relationships.




Every user is unique, hence every ad for every users should be unique. Using our DCO frameworks & Creative Studio, brands are today having real time conversations with users in ads!.
What that means for business - stand out creatives, better engaged consumers, high performance campaigns with ROI written all over it.




Media Buying Automation for Bringing Speed, Scale & Driving Performance in online marketing campaigns.
Use Real Time Analytics to Optimize Your Media Spends & Increase RoI Across All Your Campaigns.




We provide real time campaign performance dashboards, a/b testing environments & custom KPI reporting to all our partners to make their campaigns sharper and profitable.
Website Data Capture Engine, Customised Tag Management Engine, Real Time Data Representation Engine, Cross Device User Tracking Engine, Product Heat Map Generation Engine & Multivariate Product Testing Engine.




On Demand Access to Strategic Domain Experts for Programmatic Setup, Technology Adoption & Vendor Integration Projects.

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